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Aesthetic Education – Brief Outline

Ted Piltzecker was a member of the artist faculty of Lincoln Center’s pioneering aesthetic education program, Lincoln Center Institute (It is now called Lincoln Center Education). LCI focused on a teaching approach which extends the ability of a general audience to perceive a work of art. It is an experiential interdisciplinary approach to the creative process, focusing on the choices that an artist makes. Ted taught summer sessions for LCI at the Juilliard School with a team comprised of an actor, dancer, visual artist and musician, and also presented special workshops and performances on jazz. He taught in elementary and high school residencies for the Institute as well. Lincoln Center Institute’s aesthetic philosophy encouraged audiences and artists to experience art from a broad perspective, considering many other art forms. This influenced both his own composing, and prooved to be a great asset as a college professor. For seven years, Ted was an artist/teacher in residence at the summer workshops at the Lied Center for the Performing Arts of the University of Nebraska in Lincoln (an LCI affiliate), and has created commissioned works combining dance, music and theater. Ted performed with jazz artists John Blake and Sumi Tonooka in the “Arts are Basic” program at the Lied Center and worked with Chinese pipa virtuoso, Gao Hong and the “Spirit of Nature Ensemble.”

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