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• Ted is professor emeritus of composition at the Purchase Conservatory of Music, State University of New York.  He worked in the innovative Studio Composition department where both his writing and performing skills contributed to the education of students aspiring to compose, perform and produce music. Ted also served on the jazz faculty.

• Ted remains a visiting guest artist in percussion at the Hartt School of Music, University of Hartford where his focus is on the vibraphone.


• After graduating from the Eastman School, Ted’s college teaching career started as a graduate assistant in jazz at the Ohio State University where he taught arranging, conducted and wrote for the big band at OSU. (Winner of best composer award at the Notre Dame Jazz Festival)

• At the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Ted has taught improvisation, coached ensembles, and most recently has been engaged as a special Guest Teaching Artist concentrating on his specialty, the vibraphone. He has also been a guest composer and performer at the school.

• As a teacher of arranging/composition and a small group coach, Ted served as adjunct faculty in the active jazz department at William Paterson University in New Jersey.

• The Aspen Music Festival, where Ted taught arranging and improvisation, directed small and large ensembles, and headed the jazz program, offered college credit for his courses through the University of Colorado. During his eight year tenure as jazz director, the program flourished.

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