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Ben Toth / Hartt School of Music – In the course of a single clinic, Ted has somehow found a way to impart a lifetime’s worth of invaluable information concerning technique, articulation, phrasing, and expression – all in a clear, concise, and most importantly, inspiring manner.  I look forward to attending another of his sessions!

Juan Alamo / University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill  – ” Ted Piltzecker is an accomplished musician, virtuoso vibraphonist and extraordinary composer. Moreover, Ted is an outstanding teacher who possesses a true vocation and passion for teaching – his teaching style is highly innovative, inspiring and artistic.  His ability to connect with the students and explain technical and musical concepts related to the vibraphone is simply remarkable!” 

Cleber Campos – Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte , Brazil – “Ted’s clinic called “Speaking Clearly ” brought us extremely enriching concepts for percussion and jazz students at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte / Natal – Brazil .  As a teacher, Ted showed us “clearly” his teachings , leaving the air filled with positive “vibes” for all students. In addition, his great energy turns up into pure and expressive feeling music while playing the vibraphone. Thx for all, Ted!”

Alison Shaw / University of Wisconsin Oshkosh – “Ted Piltzecker is a consummate teacher.  His energy and passion inspire young players to explore new ways of thinking about how they approach the language of their instrument. His easy manner allows for a wonderful working atmosphere in master classes and lessons, and students feel encouraged and supported throughout the process.  In addition, Ted makes everything relevant – he understands the students and the world they live in. I intend to continue finding ways to utilize Ted as a guest artist and teacher.”

Gary France / Australian National University – ” Ted Piltzecker is a ‘man with a mission of excellence’ : he shared his passion and enthusiasm for music performance, education and research with the participants at the PAS Australia National Drum and Percussion Camp in 2013. Ted is in one word “Terrific”. He freely shared information generating excitement and commitment from his students. He is  a joy to work with and I highly recommend him to you! “

John Lawless / Kennesaw State University –  “Thank you for the awesome viberaphone clinic that you presented to my students at Kennesaw State University. It was so exciting for everyone to be right up close to the instrument as you worked your ‘magic’ through the various techniques. Your thoughts on mallet dampening and voicing chords, instantly changed the way we all think about playing the instrument. Any time that you find yourself any where near Atlanta, please make it a point to come visit us here at KSU. “

Eugene Novotney / Humboldt State University – “Ted is an amazing musician! He is not just a great jazz vibraphone player, he is an artist. He plays with a full sense of the history of his art form, but he always sounds current and fresh. His workshops combine insights into his performance artistry with practical applications that students can take directly into the practice room and on to the stage. His recent visit to Humboldt State was a great success, and he left our students with a lasting impression that will serve them well for years to come.”

Anthony Di Sanza / University of Wisconsin – “Ted is a beautiful musician whose masterclass at UW-Madison was inspiring and extremely informative.  At ease in his presentation and always engaging, Ted left a lasting musical and personal impression on our program.”

Kristen Shiner McGuire/Narazath College – Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us, and for your wonderful residency. You inspired so many of the students (and faculty!) in your working with our jazz ensemble and percussion students. In the jazz vibes masterclass, your insights into phrasing and expression through listening, pedaling and dampening were extremely appreciated and noted by my majors at all levels. It was wonderful to have you here – still reverberating!

Michael Udow / University of Michigan – “Ted’s enthusiasm and teaching abilities have sparked great interest among the students in acquiring vibraphone techniques and musicianship which is applicable to both jazz and classical playing. He is a monster player.”


Thomas Siwe / University of Illinois – “Your presentation to my percussion students was one of the most inspirational and professional vibes clinics gives here at Illinois. It sent all of them back to the practice rooms with new enthusiasm and dedication to the task. Thanks for sharing your skills and musicianship with us.”

Steven Schick / University of California – La Jolla – “It was obvious that Ted had complete technical mastery over the vibraphone. However what made his performance and clinic extraordinary was the extent of his musical imput and, specifically, the way in which technique served the musical idea…for me, a consummate vibraphone experience.”

John Galm / University of Colorado, Boulder – “Your sensitivity to the instrument and performing techniques are verification of a great amount of dedication to music, and are truly a lesson to us all.”

George Frock / University of Texas at Austin – “Your organized presentation of harmony and inprovisation were helpful to both the teacher and advanced payer. Your friendly and direct manner of communication make you a teacher of the highest quality.”

Glenn Steele / Temple University – “Thank you for an informative and inspiring workshop. The students were raving about your musicianship and technical virtuosity for days after.”

J.B. Smith / Arizona State University – “For some of the students your clinic provided a way to reach the next level of mastery in terms of improvisation, dampening and analysis. For others, it was an initial exposure to a musical style and performance method which had not existed for them.”

Randy Hogencamp / University of Northern Iowa – “Last year’s clinics and concerts were not only educationally and musically inspiring, they were fun! As an artist-in-residence for our community Ted was able to interact frequently with the percussionists at UNI. In doing so they received a wide range of musical experiences-form jazz to contemporary and traditional to experimental as well as theatre and dance. In every case Ted was the consummate educator and professional musician.”

Guy Remonko (deceased) / Ohio University – “The enthusiasm you displayed was contagious and your no-nonsense clinic presentation was inspirational and informative.”

Dean Witten (deceased)/ Glassboro State College – “The topics discussed and the materials presented were thoroughly organized, and your performing tied together al the dialogue in a most useful and informative format.”

Jim Hall / University of South Carolina – “The unselfish willingness to share your wealth of knowledge about music and the vibraphone, and your relaxed, friendly manner puts you at the top of the list of clinicians that we have had in the past.”

Ernest Muzquiz / Syracuse University – “The technique and musicianship that you exibited at the performance were nothing short of spectacular, and your clinic presentation was very well thought out and prepared. It is rare to find a great performer who can also be effective and articulate in a clinic setting.”

John Rudolph / University of British Columbia – “It was a treat for everyone, myself included, to hear your refreshing approach to the vibraphone. Your dampening exercises have continued to spark new ideas from all of my students as time has passed.”

Tony McCutchen / University of Georgia/Athens – Ted has a refreshing new approach to playing the vibraphone. His technical mastery and musicality are superb, and he is able to relate in his clinics to a diverse audience.”

Duane Wickiser / Georgia Southern College – “In Ted Piltzecker, we had a musician of rare sensitivity and musicianship. He was a person who was willing to ‘get his hands dirty’ to help the students understand his musical concepts.”

David DeGroot / Loyola University – “Everyone was extremely enthusiastic about your work both as a performer and as a clinician.”

John Whitney / University of Central Florida – “Having always held Gary Burton as my standard of four mallet vibes playing, I found the fludity of line that you were able to create to be astounding. With all this talk of ‘wailing’ on your instrument, I don’t want to negate the importance of the warmth you exibited, both during and after the performance. Your personality, coupled with an articulate and entertaining delivery, will inspire anyone.”

Terrance J. Mahady / McNeese State University – “The students and faculty have nothing but great things to say.”

Doug Walter / University of Colorado at Boulder – “His playing was inspired and inspirational – our students discussed with pleasure his appearance for weeks afterward. His singing tone, lyrical approach and careful attention to articulation added a new dimension to vibraphone performance for our students.”

Harvey Price / University of Delaware – “Ted’s clinic was an inspiration to both the percussionists and non-percussionists at the jazz workshop and fueled the fire for that evening’s performance.”

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