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Brad Goode
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Since finishing the last album, Brindica, I’ve been hard at work on a new project called Vibes On A Breath. On behalf of the entire ensemble, I’d like to tell you about it. 

It is now 2023 and the Ted Piltzecker Septet has completed the first few phases of our project. We toured and recorded in the Denver area with concerts at the University of Colorado/Boulder, a live radio broadcast at KUVO Denver, a concert at TACAW (The Arts Center At Willets), and an appearance at Dazzle Jazz Denver. All  went splendidly, and I'm happy to report that the group was extremely well received at all of the venues (heartwarming). Then when the band was really tight, we took the music into the studio for a couple of days at Mighty Fine Productions to record the project. That also went amazing well.



The music has been mixed and mastered by the extraordinary Fernando Martinez in Buenos Aires, and the physical product has been manufactured. Now comes the crucial period of release, and promotion. The re is

 still so much to do, and these remaining tasks are critical to the success of  Vibes On A Breath


These septet arrangements seem to really reach people in live concerts. This is evidenced by the Colorado dates, and also by a recent tour of Argentina with the Jazz Group from the Fundacion Cultural Patagonia.


Here is a little background about the concept: 

The instrumentation for this ensemble is unique, with four horns, bass, drums, and vibraphone. There are doubles on bass clarinet and flugelhorn to add to the ensemble’s already rich color. The musicians (listed below) were outstanding and I am so gratified that each player took on the project as if it were ‘their own baby.'

Because I trained as a trumpet major at the Eastman School,  I’m always thinking about breathing while playing the vibraphone. Even while striking metal bars with mallets, I tend to breathe with the musical phrases. And with this group, the percussive nature of the vibes joins with wind instruments whose phrases actually do ride on air—thus the title, Vibes On A Breath. For me it feels like magic; this combination offers more warmth and humanity to the “cool” sound of the vibes. 

I've always recorded mostly original music, but this album will be a little different. Most of the songs are jazz standards or tunes taken from the great American songbook. (Examples include: Stolen Moments, Seven Steps To Heaven, It Could Happen To You, Nature Boy, If I Only Had A Brain, In Your Quiet Place, New Orleans, Subconscious Lee). They are carefully crafted arrangements that are accessible to any listener and really fun to play.

As indicated, these is still much work ahead of us. Revenues for the performances certainly not match the cost of the recording. When studio and professional fees, mixing, mastering, design, manufacture, and promotion are factored in, the deficit is sizable and funding is necessary to make the project take flight. You can help, and your tax-deductible contribution would be most appreciated;  certainly by us, but also by people of all ages around the world who would get to experience this music.

Here’s how you can support us:

• Donate online: Click here to donate!

• If you would like to support the project with a tax-deductible check, please make it payable to Fractured Atlas with Vibes On A Breath in the memo line, and contact me at for address information.

• Share our fundraiser: Tell you friends and community about our work and mention that we are looking for support.

Vibes On A Breath is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of “Vibes On A Breath” must be made payable to “Fractured Atlas” and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.


We are deeply grateful for your support of this project, and for being a patron of the arts in general. We all can hardly wait for the release, and for more performances.

In cooperation,

Ted Piltzecker

Ted Piltzecker Septet

“Vibes On A Breath”

Gonzalo Teppa
Paul McKee
Javier Diaz
Judy LeClair
Paul Romaine
John Gunther
Will Swindler
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